Connection To Our Future
Lloydminster Municipal Development Plan

In order for us to connect to our future, we must first envision it! Lloydminster is updating our vision through a new document: Connection To Our Future. This document will set our course toward ensuring we have a healthy, prosperous, and resilient future for ourselves and future generations. 

The Connection To Our Future document will be Lloydminster’s new Municipal Development Plan and more! It will guide our land use planning, and also our economic, social, cultural and ecological future. This is your opportunity to contribute to the development of our city! 

What is your vision for Lloydminster? 

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Engagement Event #1 – Introduce the Project (YourVoice Event)

Date: Thursday, May 12, 2022
Time: 3:00 p.m to 7:00 p.m.
Venue: Lloydmall (vacant retail space near the Lloydminster Public Library)

Existing City Documents

City of Lloydminster MDP

City of Lloydminster Maps

Lloydminster Strategic Plan

Transportation Master Plan

Annexation Transition Plan

Project Update

The MDP includes policies that govern land use planning within the City. The MDP update process includes multiple opportunities for members of the public to learn about the community planning process and to provide input on how you want your city to evolve over time.

The MDP is the main tool that City Council and Administration have to guide land use planning within the City. In the past decade, Lloydminster experienced significant change concurrent with various economic challenges within the Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. As one of the fastest-growing communities in the region, discussions about the limited land inventory to support growth initiated back in 2011 when the current MDP Bylaw was being prepared.

In early 2022, with the annexation of 23.5 quarter sections of land along Lloydminster’s northern, western, and southern boundaries, Lloydminster is poised for considerable change and growth.

Recent development pressures, along with a growing focus on economic development suggest the 2013 MDP requires a significant review and revisions to capture Lloydminster’s current challenges and to develop a new community vision and philosophy for the foreseeable future.

Project Status

The project has just been initiated and the City and consultants, Green Space Alliance and POPULUS Community Planning Inc., are beginning the initial analysis and background research in collaboration with City staff.

In addition, a Public Engagement and Communication Plan (PECP) is being prepared to provide a strategy to gather input from residents about the topics and changes that they think are important to consider moving forward.



Phase 1
March – May 2022
Background Review and Community Vision


Phase 2
May – August 2022
Technical Review and Community Vision


Phase 3
July – September 2022
Draft Municipal Development Plan


Phase 4
September – December 2022
Project Information

Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) will include a range of community members that demonstrate a commitment to crafting a vision for Lloydminster and a desire to implement that vision. The CAC will provide a community perspective on the content of the community vision and MDP as well as advice on how to best engage with the community.

Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will consist of the City staff and Council with expertise related to transportation, water, wastewater, waste management, community services, school boards, and health authorities. The TAC will provide advice on technical considerations that are needed to ensure the MDP is relevant and practical.

Citizen Input

Throughout the duration of this project, there will be multiple opportunities for citizen input through methods such as online surveys, in-person drop-in sessions and workshops. To receive ongoing updates regarding the project’s progress, please join our mailing list here

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Contact us

Kaitlyn Luster

Planner, Operations Centre
City of Lloydminster
Phone: 780-874-3700 Ext. 2602

Dnyanesh Deshpande

Green Space Alliance
Office: 780-409-1763
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